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NEJM Knowledge+ Courses



NEJM Knowledge+ helps medical professionals stay sharp with clinically proven, bite-sized learning. Build your knowledge with adaptive quizzes, and case studies, all on one platform. Strengthen your clinical skills and improve patient care.

Obesity Academy



Empower your practice to tackle obesity. The Obesity Academy equips HCPs with the latest evidence-based strategies for assessment, treatment, and behavior change. Build your confidence in managing this complex condition.


EPOC (Empowering Pharmacists in Obesity Care), is an educational activity developed for pharmacists, to facilitate an understanding of obesity as a chronic disease, important weight management benchmarks, and key aspects of the patient’s weight loss journey.


Unveiling the Factors Contributing to Weight and Partnering with Patients for Sustainable Weight Management

Unlocking the best outcomes for patients with diabetes starts with acknowledging their daily struggles. Let's bridge this gap in understanding to empower better care.
Samuel Jack Roy - Growth Hormone Deficiency - UK

Understanding the complexities of rare endocrine disorders is crucial to unlocking better paths for patients. These conditions often present unique challenges in diagnosis, treatment, and emotional well-being
Rare Blood Disease

Unraveling the mysteries of rare blood diseases is key to better patient journeys. These conditions pose unique challenges in diagnosis, treatment, and management. 
Metabolic Dysfunction Associated Steatohepatitis(MASH)

We are acting on our purpose to defeat serious chronic diseases by expanding our commitment in areas of high unmet need, including metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH).

NN Saudi - EASD 2023 Congress_kv+2

The 59th EASD  focused on advancements in diabetes treatment and research. It brought together clinicians, scientists, and healthcare professionals to discuss the latest findings in type 1 and type 2 diabetes, with topics like precision medicine, weight loss strategies, and potential new medications. 


Obesity Week 2023

Obesity Week 2023
ADA 2023

An inviting space brings together Diabetes specialists from Saudi Arabia to focus on the latest patient-centric recommendations. Log in to watch the ADA 2023 Daily Highlights 

Thinking beyond a Single Disease

Thinking beyond a single disease platform is a dedicated space connecting the multidisciplinary team to provide a holistic patient-centric care to the people with diabetes mellitus.
GLP-1 Academy

The GLP-1 Academy is a learning platform designed to keep healthcare professionals informed about developments in GLP-1 science and GLP-1 RA therapy.
Rethink Obesity®

Rethink Obesity® aims to provide this science based information, in an easily accessible manner, to healthcare professionals so they are able to enhance their clinical practice and achieve sustainable results for their patients living with obesity.
The National Platform to Reduce Obesity and Overweight

The National Platform to Reduce Obesity and Overweight tool empowers healthcare professionals, and policymakers to make informed decisions that not only improve public health but also yield substantial economic savings.
Dose Check

An innovative digital tool that connects doctors with their patients in order to promote better adherence and optimize treatment outcomes. 
Rethink Obesity Adolescents

Addressing obesity for the benefit of the next generation